The White Russian is one of the best vodka cocktails out there. Super easy to make and so popular, you don’t have to be a drinker to know it. It’s a perfect combination of vodka, Kahlua, and heavy cream, but if you subtract the cream, you get a Black Russian (the original drink from 1949). Equally good and popular cocktail, depending on whether you like cream. It’s without a doubt a drink every bartender should know how to make, but you don’t need to be at a bar to get one. No bar tools required…

The White Russian cocktail came out in the 1960s, after someone added cream to a Black Russian, making it white. The drink is not of Russian origin tho. The only thing Russian about it is the vodka – a spirit usually associated with Russia. Sadly, the cocktail did not get its popularity until 1998 and the movie “The Big Lebowski”, where Jeff Bridges’ character the Dude was constantly drinking a White Russian, also referred to as a “Caucasian”.



Ingredients for White Russian:

  1. 1 ¾  ounce (5 ml) Vodka – we recommend Absolut Vanilla.
  2. ¾  ounce (25 ml) Kahlua.
  3. A dash of cream.


And this is how we make it:

  1. Get an Old Fashioned glass (rocks glass). 
  2. Add vodka and Kahlua in that order, followed by ice cubes.
  3. Gently pour the cream over the ice so it forms a nice layer.
  4. Enjoy.


Some tips:

  1. Vanilla vodka is always the better choice.
  2. You can use dairy-free alternatives instead of cream. They won’t float as well, and you may not get that signature look, but it will get the job done. Coconut milk is a wonderful choice.
  3. Prepare the cocktail right before serving.
  4. How about a frozen White Russian? A Lot like a milkshake… just put all ingredients including ice into a blender and process until it reaches the desired consistency.


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