The Mind Eraser is a fun and tasty drink from the 1980s. It’s a boozy cocktail with a caffeine kick, and basically a sparkling Black Russian (a cocktail with vodka and coffee liqueur from the late 1940s). The drink tastes fantastic, and it’s easy to quickly down a few and see if it lives up to the name. It does… 😀 

Mixing vodka with coffee liqueur was a popular choice back in the 80s, and it still is, for its unique “pick me up and f*ck me up effect”.

Most bartenders like to make it as a layered drink by using more ice and slowly pouring ingredients over the back of a spoon. The visual it creates is a dark-to-clear effect from the bottom up. You then must drink it fast using a straw. That way, you will taste each layer, one by one, and if you have more than two, your mind will get erased. I’m joking… That is not what happens. Or maybe it is… I don’t remember. 😀

It’s a nice fun shot, easy to make, and it tastes pretty good. Just be careful when having shots. The idea for those types of drinks is to f*ck you up fast. Having one too many can make your night quite unpleasant. 😉

Ingredients and preparation:

  1. You need 2 Ounces (60 ml) of coffee liqueur (such as Kahlua), vodka (Absolut is an excellent choice. Maybe try vanilla flavored one) and soda.
  2. Fill an Old Fashioned glass with ice and pour ingredients. For the best visual, start with coffee liqueur, followed by vodka and soda. Slowly pour them over the back of a spoon and over the ice so you get a layered drink. Or you can just shake it and strain it into the glass…
  3. Drink it fast using a straw.
  4. Few of those and you will start forgetting stuff, like your ex’s name, and how to behave in a public place. 😀
  5. Enjoy. 😉

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