The Jager Bomb is a drink we all know and have tried at least once. It’s a very simple mix of Jägermeister and about half a can of Red Bull, or whatever energy drink you prefer. There is no doubt that the Jager Bomb is one of the most popular shots out there, and there shouldn’t be a bartender that doesn’t know how to make it.

If you like going out to bars or nightclubs, you have probably seen groups of people (mostly young people) downing Jager Bombs one after another like its nothing. That is because it tastes surprisingly good and it’s a good way to start the party, but having one too many is so easy and before you know it, your night will be ruined, so we advise you to be very careful with this one.

Ingredients and preparation:

  1. Fill a shot glass with Jägermeister – 1 ½ Ounce (45 ml).
  2. In a tall glass, pour half a can of Red Bull, or some other energy drink.
  3. Drop the shot glass into the tall glass and drink immediately.
  4. Enjoy and be careful. 😉 

Few Tips:

Keep the Jägermeister cold.

Don’t drink too many. Two should be enough. Energy drinks are not healthy to begin with, and mixing them with alcohol is never a wise choice.

Even though you must drink it at once, do it slowly rather than fast. The shot glass can hit your teeth and even break them. 

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