We’re not sure how and why the Cement mixer became a real drink, but it sure is unusual. Definitely no one’s favorite and often even put in the category for most disgusting drinks. The Cement mixer is the perfect drink choice if you want to pull a cruel prank on a friend. 😀 You can make it by mixing Irish Cream liqueur and lime juice, and surprisingly it doesn’t taste bad. What makes this shot such an evil creation is not the flavor, but what happens when you mix the two ingredients. The acidic lime juice causes the Irish Cream liqueur to curdle and stick to the teeth. You need to drink it immediately, because it will only get thicker and stronger, a lot like cement – hence the name.

The way you’re meant to drink the Cement mixer is by pouring the Irish cream in your mouth, followed by the lime juice and shaking your head so it mixes inside before you swallow. We advise you to have a glass of water near you when drinking this shot. It’s likely you need it.

If you gag easily, drinking this shot is probably a bad idea. It will make you throw up and we all know how not fun that is. 

Ingredients and preparation:

    1. 1 ½ Ounce (45 ml) of Irish cream (such as Baileys).
    2. ½ Ounce (15 ml) of lime juice.
    3. Pour the Irish cream into a shot glass, then slowly pour the lime juice on top, so it floats.
  • Way of drinking: take the shot, hold it in your mouth, shake your head and swallow. 
  • Your head is now a cement mixer. 

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