The Boilermaker is something you order when you want to get very drunk, very quick. It’s a simple but very potent drink. There are only two ingredients in the Boilermaker – whiskey and beer. Doesn’t that sound like fun… 😀

There are no secrets about it, nothing special, no bar tools needed, just your favorite whiskey and beer. All you need to do is pour a shot of whiskey, drop it into a half full pint of whatever lager you like, and slam it in one go. It won’t taste great, and this type of drinking is never wise, but if your goal is to get hammered in 15 minutes, it will definitely do the trick.

This whiskey and lager cocktail, or shooter, or whatever you want to call it, has been around for over 200 years and, just like the classic tequila shots, it’s not going anywhere. And speaking of tequila… There is a variation of the Boilermaker, where you can use Mexican or Spanish beer and drop a tequila shot in it instead. Flavor will change, but not the effect. Two of those, and you will be way more drunk than you expected, and that is where the real adventure begins. 😀

We’ve already mentioned there are no rules when it comes to this “cocktail”. A shot glass into a pint is not the only way you can have it. You can down the shot and chase it with beer. Pour the whiskey inside the pint and drink it like that, or you can just slowly sip your whiskey followed by beer. You don’t even have to order it by its name. Instead, ask for a shot of whiskey and a pint of your favorite lager. Of course, Boilermaker sounds cooler. 😀

Keep in mind, if you slam the drink fast, the shot glass might hit your teeth and even break them.

Ingredients and preparation:

  1. 1 ½ Ounce (45 ml) of whiskey.
  2. Beer…
  3. Most popular way of drinking this is to drop a shot of whiskey into a half-full pint of beer, and drink it all at once. 
  4. Enjoy and good luck. 😉

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