B-52 is a gorgeous layered shot consisting of 3 ingredients (Kahlua coffee liqueur, Baileys Irish cream liqueur, and Grand Mariner orange liqueur) poured straight into the shot glass in that same order.

The famous party shot was created in the 1970s by Peter Fich, who was a bartender in Canada. Apparently, Fich enjoyed naming drinks after his favorite bands, so he named this one after the American pop band – “The B-52s” and not after the Boeing B-52 Bomber aircraft, as many would guess. 😉

The famous shot comes from a family of layered retro shots, known as the B-50s. Those shots have Kahlua and Baileys in common but the 3rd component is different. B-53 for example uses Sambuca instead of Grand Mariner, and B-54 is with Amaretto.

However, the most popular variation is the flaming B-52 which adds a fourth ingredient – 151 proof rum. All you have to do is make the shot smaller so you can have space to add a bit of the overproof rum on top, which can be easily lit on fire. Don’t forget to extinguish the shot before you drink it, and of course, be very careful when playing with fire at the bar. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

Ingredients and preparation:

  1. The order is Kahlua – Baileys – Grand Mariner.
  2. Slowly pour equal amounts of the three ingredients, starting with Kahlua, followed by Baileys, and then Grand Mariner.
  3. The three liqueurs will stand on top of each other almost on their own, but you could still use a spoon to make it easier.
  4. The shot is beautiful and delicious, and it’s sure to impress your guests.
  5.  Have fun with it, and enjoy.

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